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How time management can improve your life

Imagine a routine full of important tasks, such as work, leisure, among other things that are fundamental to you, but that you feel you don’t fully accomplish even with lots of effort. Have you ever felt like this? Then, know that time management can be the solution to avoid this situation once and for all.

This scenario is more than common in most people’s life. The main problem is that, when we reach this road block, we start to limit ourselves to new possibilities, paths and, consequently, our personal and professional development.

In this article you can check out the opinion of an expert in the subject. Gino Terentim, professor at the MBA USP/Esalq, explains some important fundamentals about time management and gives several tips for you to overcome these limitations. Check it out!

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The right question for time management

Time management is a fundamental factor to avoid overload. According to Terentim, “the great issue of time management is not about how to do more things, but understanding why we don’t do what we need to do and, instead, do what we don’t need. Throughout the day, each of us goes through it.”

Following up on it, the professor also explains the importance of understanding the right question to be answered and, from there, seeking to answer it the best way possible.

“If you can identify which question you want to answer throughout your day, your week and your year, it will be easier to find an answer. Our great problem is that we seek answers without clarity of the right question that we want an answer to”, says Terentim.

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Habits transform

If you already understood the right question that you should answer, then you are ready for the next step: change of habits. This is because, according to the professor, it is the bad habits that steal our precious time and lead us to unproductivity and procrastination.

“By creating bad habits, you stop paying attention to what you do during your day, putting in your routine several tasks that, above all, steal your time and consume you”, explains Terentim.

About time management tools

As a more practical approach, one of the tools cited by Terentim for time management is Ikigai (in English, reason for being), a philosophy that is divided into four domains applicable to our lifes:

  • Doing something we love.
  • Doing something we are good at.
  • Doing something that the world needs.
  • Doing something we are paid for.

By defining your Ikigai, you can find the answers you need for good time management and to start thinking about the next steps you want for your life. Still, it is necessary to avoid using this type of tool in the wrong way. “It is necessary to understand if we are using the tools to do more of what needs to be done, and not to do even more of what does not need to be done”, adds the professor.

To finish, Terentim indicates a reading –  The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg – and a Ted Talk that explores procrastination. Check out below:

What is your next step?

We have good news: everything you have seen in this article can be applied right away! Therefore, it is important to understand that good time management will allow you to think about your next steps.

A great option is to invest in the professional, for example. This is because you can (and should) update and qualify for the job market. To do so, the MBA USP/Esalq is perfect for you to achieve this goal.

Be sure that investing in an MBA USP/Esalq is more than possible, especially when allied to time management. By making this choice, know that you will have taken the first step in a path full of achievements. Enroll now!

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