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Life experiences and professional growth: what do they have in common?

Everything we have lived, learned and discovered until today is part of what we call a repertoire. And did you know that life experiences and professional growth are interconnected?

Repertoire affects our daily life, our relations with other people, our positioning through diverse situations, our routine and so on. In the professional scope, repertoire is what differentiates a professional from others – because everyone one has unique experiences, which makes nobody alike, especially when the topic is work and performance.

In the personal or professional scope, one thing is certain: repertoire is the reflection and the construction of a life full of experiences.

To talk about a subject so current, Blog Next talked to Jaime Caetano de Almeida, professor of the MBA USP/Esalq in Project Management, who commented on the relationship of life experiences and professional growth, secrets to have a good repertoire and how professionals can transform their careers through their experiences. Check it out!

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Let’s start with secrets, do they exist?

If repertoire is formed through the experiences acquired with time, is there a secret about how to build a good repertoire? Almeida answers this question.

“We gain repertoire when we generate ideas, share them and receive feedback on them, such as when we receive criticism and opinions, convergent or divergent, and we manage to improve our initial thought. Repertoire has no secret, everyone accumulates what they live and how they live it. A good repertoire passes through the connection of the different moments and experiences that we spend in our lives.”

With a good repertoire, anyone can perform this exchange of experiences that stimulate personal and professional growth.

Personal experiences in the professional life

It is a fact that repertoire affects personal life, positively making it a daily source of new experiences, learning and development. But it is in the professional life that good repertoire stands out and can be better used.

“The professional who can connect the points of the different information from the repertoire they are building throughout life and career will always find a support of something they have already seen, heard, read or lived to help in the construction of something that is necessary in the present or, still, to help find a solution to a new problem based on these evidence from the past. Our careers always happen in the future, but they are immensely impacted by the motivation we have today, in the present, and by the learning of the past. It’s all very dynamic and renewed day after day”, he emphasizes it.

From the values we receive from our families – the love of our parents, for example –; the teachings of our professors since the first years of education; through exchanges with friends and spouses. All these factors impact the way we act and how much we have to contribute to something.

How to build a good repertoire

According to the professor, the most important thing for the construction of a good repertoire is life itself.

“A good path is to live genuinely each of the personal and professional opportunities of our lives, in order to register the interactions we do, the learning with the good things we do, but also with the difficult situations we face. It is exploring every moment of development in the classroom, in the readings, in the conversations with experts in a theme or area and learn from those who do not have academic titles, but who are ‘PhD of life’, that is, they have more than enough experience to share.”

Check out some tips to connect life experiences and professional growth:

  • Search for new experiences
  • Step out of your routine
  • Talk to people who do not have the same opinion as you
  • Practice empathy to others
  • Search for plurality and always seek to know ‘both sides of the story’

Repertoire and personal life

To finish, let’s talk about the impacts of a good repertoire in the personal life. Almeida makes a brief reflection.

“The truth is that personal and professional life are interconnected, right? One impacts the other and feeds what we can do. Repertoire allows us to do and understand better the issues of professional and personal life. For example, we become better people when we practice empathy seeking to understand each other, this makes a huge difference in the life of any human being. We are offered the possibility of doing the good around ourselves and that will surely return in our own favor”, concludes the professor.

Have you noticed that life experiences and professional growth have everything to do with each other? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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