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Career in Project Management: for those who want to stand out today!

Managing teams, schedules and deliveries can be a challenge that requires dedication and effort, especially for those who choose to pursue a career in Project Management without the aid of adequate knowledge and specialized professors. The responsibilities of the area require fundamental skills for those who aim to have good results and have an attractive curriculum to the job market.

“Today, companies seek for someone who can achieve strategic demands according to the goals and objectives of the organization”, says João Carlos Boyadjian, professor of the MBA USP/Esalq in Project Management, who, in this article, presents some reasons why you should choose this career today. Come see!

But, before, if you have decided and want to invest in your future as a leader, know that the career in Project Management is for you. Ensure your presence in the class of the first semester of the MBA USP/Esalq in Project Management and take this reliable step!

Essential skills

Boyadjian lists some of the unique things that make project managers so important to organizations:

  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Influence
  • Coordination
  • Among others

“These professionals, besides having these skills considered appropriate and necessary, know how to apply them in the right moment, having knowledge of the best Hard Skills for the types of projects in which they act”, he explains.

Areas of action

According to the professor, project managers can act in all areas of knowledge. Check out some possibilities:

  • Areas that require development of products or services in a unique way.
  • Innovation or production projects.
  • Development of services on demand – public or private.
  • Private services.

“Today, companies seek these professionals, to stay aligned with the area of Compliance, or by the need for innovations or even to meet the request of a client. Management practices are recommended in any case”, comments Boyadjian.

Impacts of good project management

As we have seen, a career in Project Management is a great option for those who want to stand out professionally. This is because a good project manager is fundamental in several ways, no matter where they are.

According to Boyadjian, a project manager can impact a business by:

  • Acting with responsibility, with the authorized investments.
  • Working within legality.
  • Organizing work processes, focusing on the objectives and projects of the organization.
  • Positively managing material resources of the project.
  • Exerting good communication with their team, clients and partners.
  • Applying the appropriate tools to the size and complexity of the project (agile methodologies etc.).
  • Dealing with a team geographically distributed throughout the world.
  • Stimulating their team to think with contingencies.
  • Managing internal and external conflicts to the project.
  • Following up on the evolution of good management practices in the job market.
  • Developing practices that meet the habits and rules of conduct defined by the organization.
  • Elaborating status reports for clients and high direction.

Bonus: MBA for a career in Project Management

To conclude the list of reasons why you should choose a career in Project Management, nothing better than talking about a graduate course that encourages learning and professional development, besides providing lots of networking and opportunities during classes.

The MBA USP/Esalq in Project Management can leverage your career and insert you once and for all in the so coveted management world. According to Boyadjian:

“The MBA USP/Esalq in Project Management will certainly provide knowledge aligned with the practices of Project Management, such as the new skills that a manager needs to lead a project and techniques to deal with the world of agility”, he says.

The professor also explains that, during the MBA, students work in a team, learning to deal with conflicts and changes, working with stakeholders that impact their projects and applying techniques of administration of schedules, budgets, contracts and risks.

“Students also study management through the use of updated apps and software All this besides the tips for obtaining the most coveted certification of project management of all, the PMP – Project Management Professional”, ends Boyadjian.

Can you believe it? Your career in Project Management is a step away. Just apply now for the MBA USP/Esalq in Project Management and start your journey of achievements!


Acacio Junior
Acacio Junior
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