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How does the MBA USP/Esalq work?

If you have wondered how the MBA USP/Esalq works, then this text is for you! We will explain to you all the details so you can get to know our brand even more.

To start the conversation, it is important toknow that the MBAs USP/Esalq are Lato sensu graduate courses with certification from the University of São Paulo (USP), considered the best university in Latin America and Brazil!

There are four specialization options: ProjectManagement, Agribusiness, Data Science and Analytics and Business Management. All are offered in the distance education mode, with online classes and tests.

Now that you already know this, we have prepared some questions that will help you understand better how the MBA USP/Esalq works.

What is the duration of the MBAs USP/Esalq?

The MBAs USP/Esalq last 18 months each.

How often do we have classes?

Classes are live, once a week, but remain recorded until the end of the course. It works like this: after the class, the video is edited and made available in the academic system. All content is available for access until the delivery and presentation of the Final Paper.

Is it possible to have interaction with professors and students in the distance education modality?

Absolutely! Part of understanding how the MBA USP/Esalq works is to know that, in the online and live classes, the student can participate in the chat or talk show, which are tools of real time interaction with the professor. There is also an exclusive social network for the students, My Class, a space dedicated to networking and access to important information about the course.

Is there any in-person activity?

Until 2019, only the last test of the course, for qualification, and the presentation of the Final Paper, also at the end of the program, were the mandatory in-person activities for each MBA student USP/Esalq. In 2020 and 2021, these two activities were performed fully in the digital format.

Students who enter the MBAsUSP/Esalq still in 2021 and in the first semester of 2022 can choose whether these activities will be performed in-person or online.

The MBX – MBA Experience is the semestral event that brings together these two activities with opportunities to watch lectures, network with classmates and course professors and know a little more about the universe of the MBA USP/Esalq.

What is the faculty like?

The faculty of the MBAs is formed by renowned USP and private sector professors.

Are there tests?

Yes. After all classes, the students should perform a test, which is available for 21 days and with the opportunity to do three attempts in each one, the highest score obtained being considered as the grade.

As we have mentioned earlier, the tests are online and made available in the Student Area the day following the exhibition of the live class. The final average of the tests during the course and the qualification test should be at least 7 for approval.

How is the attendance recorded?

To know how the MBA USP/Esalq works you need to keep in mind that the journey will require commitment, but it will be very rewarding. Thus, the attendance in the course is counted by the performance of the tests.

Therefore, the student will not be considered absent if they do not watch the live class. The approval depends on 75% of attendance in the course.

How does the Final Paper work?

The stage of the Final Paper is a mandatory requirement for the completion of the specialization courses of the MBAs USP/Esalq. The student will receive guidance for the elaboration of the work, which includes classes about research methods, foundations, among others.

Still have questions about how the MBA USP/Esalq works? Access our website for more information!


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