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Step by step for you to register for the MBA USP/Esalq

Did you know that you can try out the MBA USP/Esalq for 45 days before you start paying the monthly installments? We explain about this possibility here. And to make everything even easier, today we will explain in detail the step by step for you to register for the MBA USP/Esalq and take this opportunity.

The journey to a promising career is full of challenges. But it is also rewarding and capable of transforming the life of those who want to make the difference from wherever they are.

Therefore, when you register for the MBA USP/Esalq you will have access to a Lato sensu graduate course at the level of expertise, coordinated by renowned professors from USP/Esalq and in an environment full of networking and professional development. And you can be a part of it!

To learn more about USP, click here!

There are four courses available (MBAs in Agribusiness, Data Science and Analytics, Business Management and Project Management), lasting 18 months each and 100% online, allowing you to participate in the classes and tests from anywhere in the world. Cool, right?

See how you can register for the MBA USP/Esalq and take this important step in your career!

About the registration

If you want to do a graduate course, you need to have a complete undergraduate degree. The same is truth for the MBA USP/Esalq. And to prove that, the following documents should be submitted:

  • Higher Education Diploma
  • College/university records
  • Identity document

It is worth mentioning that the documents need to be in one of these languages: Portuguese, English or Spanish. They should be attached in our Academic System. Further below we will explain to you how to do this.

You can register online, choosing your course of interest and filling out the form with your data.

Access to the Academic System

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email and, by confirming it, you will have your login and password to access the Academic System.

Within the system, you will move to the next step…

Time to submit the documents

The moment of attaching documents is very important for those who want to register for the MBA USP/Esalq. Our system was created to give the students autonomy and has an area of “Personal Documents” where the attachment of all the necessary documentation is done. In case of questions or if you need assistance, click here and talk to our team.

With the documents attached, you should wait for the validation by the University of São Paulo, but you are already able to participate in the 45-day trial of the MBA USP/Esalq. Remember that the free access period starts only after the first class of the course.

So, take advantage of the classes normally when they begin. And don’t forget to do the tests online, talk to classmates and clear doubts. So you guarantee a complete experience even before you start paying for your course.

After this period of validation and experimentation, and with your approved documentation, we will contact you.😊

About the investment

The total value of the MBA USP/Esalq is U$ 1,820 on the spot or 18 monthly installments of U$ 112.22 each, but you already know the good news, right?

Anyone who registers for the MBA USP/Esalq before October 15 will have a free access period! With it, you can follow the course as a student for 45 days, without any registration fees and with the first payment after the trial period and only if you choose to continue in the MBA with us.

If, at the end of the trial period, you do not want to continue your journey with the MBA USP/Esalq, it is enough to not make the payment of the first installment and your access will be automatically blocked.

Additional information

If you are thinking of signing up for the MBA USP/Esalq, then check out some relevant information about the schedules and the start of the next classes of the available courses:

  • MBA in Agribusiness USP/Esalq: classes on Wednesdays, starting on 10/20/2021
  • MBA in Data Science and Analytics USP/Esalq: classes on Tuesdays, starting on 10/26/2021
  • MBA in Business Management USP/Esalq: classes on Thursdays, starting on 10/14/2021
  • MBA in Project ManagementUSP/Esalq: classes on Mondays, starting on 10/04/2021

Taking such an important step for your career was never so easy! Take this opportunity of personal and professional development to register for the MBA USP/Esalq!


Acacio Junior
Acacio Junior
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