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Monday, April 15, 2024

Get to know USP, one of the best universities in Latin America

One of the main pillars of all personal and professional formation is education. And this is something that USP (University of São Paulo) understands very well. This is because it is one of the best universities in Latin America and the biggest higher education, post-graduation and research institution of Brazil, with national and international recognition. 

How did USP acquire these titles? The history of the university starts in 1934 and counts with the talent and dedication of professors and researchers of international renown as one of the differentials to keep itself in global rankings of quality, specially related to the scientific production, even nowadays. 

An example of this is USP’s recognition as the third best university in Latin America by the 2021 edition of QS World University Rankings, a ranking made by a group of global analysts of higher education.

The constant aim to excellence allows USP, a public university, to integrate a select group of institutions of global standards. Check it out! 


To develop its activities, USP is present in eight cities in the state of São Paulo. The campi are located in Bauru, Lorena, Pirassununga, Ribeirão Preto, Santos, São Carlos, São Paulo (capital) and in Piracicaba, a town in the countryside and headquarter for Cena (Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture) and Esalq (Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture)

Esalq was founded before USP, therefore its strong presence in the city moves, for over a century, all industrial and agriculture movement in the region.  

Considered a center of excellence and expertise, Esalq has a great prominence in knowledge production, also included in international indexes. 


Agribusiness is a characteristic of the institution and it is not by chance.  USP, via Esalq, was considered the 5th best university in the world in agriculture sciences by the U.S News and World Report publishing report

Qualified researchers and professors, excellent infrastructure, development agencies financing and intense cooperation with Brazilian and foreign institutions are some of the reasons that guarantee the active participation of the university in education and research scenarios in a global level. 

Distance Education 

People around the world can also be a part of USP and guarantee the Master of Business Administration certificate in a great education institution of international renown. The MBAs USP/ Esalq bring knowledge to students in an interactive, dynamic and remote format. 

All the differentials of USP make the university a giant in research and education areas that are present in the MBA courses. The highlight are the professors, focus of the classes that make the students get involved and develop engagement with the content presented. 

With educational skills that offer knowledge that is technical and applicable in the daily lives of the students, the MBA USP/Esalq also maintains itself updated with the main demands of the job market and management, career and technology trends. 

Classes also guarantee the development of social and emotional skills, the soft skills, administered by faculty with experience and methodology that allows clear and objective learning, anywhere in the worlds. 

All classes and tests from the MBA USP/Esalq are online and have subtitles, materials and tests in English and Spanish for international students. 

Up until December 2019, two activities were required in person: the last evaluation and the final paper presentation, made at SIM, a big event that happens biannually in Piracicaba. 

In 2020, SIM will have its first 100% online edition and the two activities will happen in a totally digital format. The next editions are still to be defined according to global guidelines of prevention and health. 


Pecege is responsible for the MBA USP/Esalq, via Fealq (Fundação de Estudos Agrários Luiz de Queiroz). With the objective of improving quality knowledge, Pecege was born from Esalq/USP and expanded into association focused in allowing education and innovative ideas to positively change the reality of people around the world. 

Want to know more about how to enter this journey with us and become an USP student? Then access the website of MBA USP/Esalq and enroll! 


Marina Petrocelli
Marina Petrocelli
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