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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Are you developing your personal brand? Check out these tips!

Independent professional, registered worker, looking for relocation or a first opportunity. Whatever your case is, here is a question: what is your personal brand? Is your message to others easy to understand? Let’s think about it!

The first thing to consider is the true meaning of ‘personal brand’, which is not a description about yourself. Expressing yourself goes beyond simply explaining your technical qualities and past experiences, it’s closer to the construction and maintenance of your reputation in the market – giving you more visibility and opportunities in your area.

Management of the personal brand takes into account actions and positioning, things that should be transmitted clearly to the public. So, know who you are and what you have to offer because, this way, the market will also know.

Don’t mix things up

Building a personal brand begins with the way you want to be remembered and how this image will be passed on to the public, besides the choice of the right channels to do it.

However, Personal Branding should not be mistaken with advertisement, it also doesn’t mean that you are better than other people (competitors). In fact, among so many good options, you must have what the audience seeks, whether it be a customer or a future employer.

To begin creating your personal brand, invest some time reviewing the following:

  • Without self-knowledge, there is no conversation: really learn about your own skills and abilities, highlighting those that make you unique. Also understand your flaws and what you can improve by focusing on personal values, so that they are connected with your professional goals.
  • To be different or not to be, that’s the question: It is not necessary to revolutionize the way your work is done, but always think of the best you can offer and bet on it to be chosen by the public.
  • Only you know your value: who better to talk about your work as a business or professional than yourself? And if your bets are on a job opening, make a list and know by heart the things you do like no one else to prepare for the interview.

Why have a personal brand?

In the same way that many brands do not need to explain what they are for those who follow them, you also have to think of assertiveness when developing your personal brand.

Therefore, the next step is: think of the characteristics you would like to be always associated with. What do you want to be recognized as the best in? What relates to your skills? Write this down to do the following tips:

Authenticity is never out of fashion

Trying to be or create an image that has nothing to do with you is quite tiring, and it’s hard to sustain something you are not for long. So it is easier to be authentic and defend values that truly are in your identity.

Another topic about transmitting truth is that people tend to perceive when someone is not being sincere. So, to not spoil your personal brand, never choose this path.

Trust your authority

The topics you master with excellence are perfect to help you create content and develop authority in a field. And don’t think of these contents as something exclusive to an online audience, but also talk daily about them, after all, you never know when your next employer or client will be next to you!

Online presence

Being active in social networks is important to feed your personal brand. In fact, pay plenty of attention to channels that have to do most with it.

If you already like to use media and post content on social networks, think about ways to extend your work in them, reinforcing your image and transmitting even more of your message.

Besides, know how to behave and interact with people, since being online means receiving criticism, praise and suggestions. Another thing to never forget is good sense, since your personal brand has a reputation to maintain.

Enchant and enchant

The main idea of a good personal brand is your level of enchantment, which will be decisive to establish a relationship of trust between you and the people who watch you.

To enchant, surprise people by doing something unexpected that also creates value for your personal brand, even if it is a small gesture – they can be more significant to those who get it than you think.

Experience that lasts

A good impression is the one that lasts a long, a really long time! So, if you enchant, and offer good interactions, always try to be consistent and keep in mind that the best message is usually the simplest.

Know who will know you

And more than establishing your personal brand, know who are the people or companies you want to reach, because only then you will identify what you consider important when you are spreading your message.

Last but not least, never put aside the work of your personal brand, because it can be the key point to the success you see in your future.

Want to build a strong and lasting personal brand? Start with our tips and then share your experience!


Ana Rízia Caldeira
Ana Rízia Caldeira
A good listener, I truly enjoy moments in which I can see the world and get to know things by the words from other people. Not surprisingly, I got into journalism. And besides bringing contents to Next, I use my abilities of ascertainment and listening to flirt with a mini career in hosting for the MBA USP/Esalq stories, in the segment Você no Camarim. When I’m not making myself busy by being the text and Instagram girl, I like to use my free time to read books, watch a good movie, decorate my house with crochet rugs, draw flowers and exploit my cooking skills. Quando não estou me ocupando em ser a garota dos textos e do Instagram, gosto de usar meu tempo para devorar livros, acompanhar algum bom filme, enfeitar minha casa com tapetes de crochê, desenhar flores e abusar dos meus dotes na cozinha.