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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Future of the job market: main trends

The job market is undergoing relevant transformations, which can make some employees feel fear. Automations and artificial intelligence are changing the skills required by corporations, making professionals seek new ways to keep up to date with trends regarding their professions.

But a common question is: what will be the main innovations for the next years in the future job market? Keep reading this post and discover all the details about these trends!

Main trends in the job market

This phase of transition in the job market is increasingly conducted by qualified professionals who require corporations to make beneficial and important changes to the careers of workers.

These main trends are:

Hybrid and flexible work

With the beginning of the vast infection of Covid-19 in 2020, numerous companies needed to adopt online remote work to continue their activities aiming at the security and quality of life of their employees. Even after the end of the pandemic, many people have noticed that this type of work is more advantageous than the traditional way and it also improves well-being.

According to a survey conducted by Sodexo, a company of benefits for employees, 92% of the Brazilians said they want to continue working online, so, it seems that this trend will remain for the next years.

Mental health

Many corporations demonstrate concern about the mental health of their employees, which makes them focus on programs that offer treatments for anxiety, depression and other conditions that directly impact employee’s quality of life.

Besides, nowadays, companies also seek to create a healthy work environment and facilitate access to therapy, often paying the costs of the sessions.

Diversity and inclusion

Another trend that presents great importance in the job market is the increase in diversity and inclusion, which includes ethnicity, gender, age group, and sexual orientation, among others.

Practicing diversity and inclusion makes the company more creative and innovative for problem solving, in addition to promoting engagement between professionals and strengthening the organizational culture.

Soft skills

Although technical skills are essential for professionals, interpersonal skills, also known as soft skills, are very important in the job market and are trends for the next years.

The main skills that will be increasingly required by companies are:

  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Good communication;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Flexibility;
  • Continuous learning;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Reliability;
  • Active listening.

Automations and AI

It is no surprise that artificial intelligence is modifying the way people perform their functions. However, technology continues to advance, consequently, more jobs are likely to be affected by automations.

For this reason, the current professionals should prepare themselves to acquire and develop skills, seeking to adapt to the new forms of work.

And, of course, companies should invest in the development of the employees, offering training and courses to ensure that everyone is aligned with the changes that this trend can and will bring.

Technology is present in the future of the job market and, therefore, professionals need to develop and adapt to the transformations.

New professions in the future

With all the trends and transformations in the job market, it is common for new professions, functions, and occupations to appear. According to the annual report The Future of Jobs of the World Economic Forum, an international non-profit organization, the increase in digitalization can cause high turnover rates in the job market in the next five years.

But don’t worry. Although some functions become obsolete, the new technologies collaborate for the creation of jobs. The main future professions listed by the World Economic Forum are:

  • Experts in sustainability;
  • Fintech engineers;
  • Analysts and data scientists;
  • Experts in Big Data;
  • Robotic engineers;
  • BI Analysts (business intelligence);
  • Experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How can you stand out in this scenario?

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