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Business Management Professionals get a head start! Be one of them!

Business Management professionals need to be constantly renovating knowledge and developing skills. After all, they are highly valued in the market, especially those that present a complete view of the corporate world and everything that influences it.

And nothing better than someone with a lot of experience in the area to explain more about the market for Business Management professionals. Carlos Eduardo de Freitas Vian is a professor of the MBA USP/Esalq in Business Management and he talked to Blog Next about trends for the sector. Check out our interview below!

Why is Business Management so important these days?

“A well-done Business Management can be the difference between having profitability, return, and having to ‘close the doors’. Management is something that demands a series of skills of those who are exercising the role, because they need to know how to interact with people, understand the market, evaluate the financial part and often have the understanding of cost management and productive management. So much so that, depending on the size of the company, each of these categories has one person responsible for it, but in small and medium businesses, the challenge is that the same person has to perform several activities, using a series of different skills.”

What are the impacts of the MBA in Business Management in the life of the professional?

“We are in a moment of acceleration and technological innovations, full of changes and challenges, and this requires managers to prepare and know about new technologies and tools, which are provided in the MBA USP/Esalq in Business Management. Something like the MBA, which gives a good preparation for several of these areas, is quite relevant in the market and very important to succeed in business.”

What are the characteristics that set a Business Management professional apart?

“A professional in Business Management has a plural view of the various areas. This means that, when you know and minimally develop several skills, you stand out when compared to other professionals who only know of a specific aspect. Today, I would say that it is more relevant to have a Business Management professional in the market than someone who is aware of any specific area.”

“It is worth mentioning that this choice depends on what the person wants for their comprehension. To someone who wants to advance in their career and act in a more dynamic position in the various areas of a company, I advise the MBA USP/Esalq in Business Management.”

In which areas can the Business Management professional act?

“In a summary, the Business Management professional can act in:

  • Sales
  • People Management
  • Strategic area
  • Management area related to productive processes
  • Logistics
  • Among others.

This way, this professional can act in several areas within a company, having a minimum knowledge of each of them and can, further along and with an additional effort, deepen themselves in any of these areas.”

In your opinion, how can the MBA USP/Esalq in Business Management complement the lives of professionals in the area?

“The main differential of the MBA USP/Esalq in Business Management is this holistic view of the various areas of the company and the possibility of developing, as a Term Paper, a project or research aimed at the everyday of an enterprise, which we can call the ‘cherry on top’. This is because the need to perform a well-done Term Paper, with advisoring, develops in the professional a series of skills that, in another way, might not be developed.”

And what about the tools and appplied methodologies in the MBA?

“I think this is the great aspect: reconcile a holistic view of the market with the vision of the various areas of the company and be able to use tools such as methodologies, from the quantitative standpoint, statistics, financial and business analysis, from market research among others, to develop an effective work, applied, and that can be used in the daily life to implement a project, solve an existing problem and thus ‘create’ a new company. This is the biggest highlight of our course.”

After this interview, there are no more doubts, right? The MBA USP/Esalq in Business Management is the best choice and you can still start it this year. Enroll today and get ahead in the job market!


Acacio Junior
Acacio Junior
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