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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Networking in the MBA USP/Esalq: take maximum advantage of your graduate course!

Networking in the MBA USP/Esalq helps you develop a good professional career, recognize good opportunities and take advantage of them. Some of these opportunities we can create, but others are provided by the professional choices that we make.

After all, one of the strengths of an MBA course is the possibility of establishing a network of contacts. But what nobody tells you is that it is possible to do networking even in a course 100% online, with the flexibility that your personal life and career need. All of this with people from different regions, and even from other countries. Cool, right?

Networking (term that implies investments in your group of contacts) is one of the focuses of those who seek striking experiences – especially in a graduate course. Have you heard about networking in the MBA USP/Esalq? Then you will like to know all the opportunities that only this MBA offers you. Check it out!

Is Networking important to you?

We understand that networking is fundamental for all professionals. After all, it is through it that you can share experiences with people from all over the world, open your mind to other ways of seeing and performing daily tasks at work, having new insights and relate to professionals from other areas and specialties that you never even imagined getting to know.

When we talk about graduate courses, construction of a network of contacts is even more important, because, besides ensuring interaction and learning with other professionals, it also brings new opportunities for business.

For this reason, the MBA USP/Esalq seeks to offer – throughout the course – tools and opportunities to promote networking. Learn about some of them:


Starting with the platform of online classes that allows total interaction between students, mediators of classes and professors.

It is important to highlight: even if classes in the MBA USP/Esalq work in a digital way, there are several resources that allow sharing among its members. This is mainly due to the role of the mediator in approaching students and professors during live classes.

With Move, mediators and professors have freedom to talk directly to students and, in the same way, be contacted by them.

Which leads us to the next point.

Dynamics and interactions

During classes in the MBA USP/Esalq, some dynamics are provided by professors and mediators. The objective goes beyond the practice of knowledge acquired in class, encouraging reflection and teamwork in students.

Class breaks

One of the main dynamics of networking in the MBA USP/Esalq occurs during class breaks. During this moment, students can interact with each other in a virtual room, organized by mediators. It is a moment of relaxation fundamental to networking.

Students take advantage of the space to share experiences, curriculums and opportunities.


Lectures are frequent during the journey of the MBA, in a digital way, and deal with current and important themes for those who seek to be updated with trends in the market.

During these events, students can interact directly with speakers and expose doubts and contributions.


To complete the list of networking tools in the MBA USP/Esalq, nothing better than talking about the event that is the “cherry on top” of your graduate course.

MBX is the event that marks the conclusion of this journey, and allows you to present the Final Paper – essential step for completion of the MBA – and invite friends, relatives and classmates to celebrate this moment.

The event occurs simultaneously for all courses, and has a team prepared to support and mediate the rooms in which presentations occur. Besides, you can watch any of the defenses of the Final Papers and follow the work of other professionals! Cool, right?

The event, from 2022 on, will resume its programming with attractions, lectures and thematic meetings in online and in-person formats. It is in these attractions that the MBA USP/Esalq community lives an environment of intense and immersive network.

Knowing and interacting with other professionals are just some of the benefits you have with networking in the MBA USP/Esalq and that help in your personal and professional achievements. Take this opportunity and enroll!


Acacio Junior
Acacio Junior
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