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Artificial Intelligence and its risks : are you aware of them?

Is your knowledge of artificial intelligence and its risks applicable to the business world? Awareness of these issues when using the tool is necessary, and even those who are familiar with the theme need to pay close attention to avoid errors. If you are interested in improving, you are in the right place!

Blog MBA USP/Esalq spoke with Fabiano Castello, professor of the MBA USP/Esalq, in a brief debate regarding what measures have to be taken when using artificial intelligence. Check it out!

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Corporate focus on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a tool that works with data, predictive analyses and attempts to understand the probability of something happening or existing, to trace, based on the results, paths, strategies and possibilities for the future.

Castello explains: “There is a technical aspect to artificial intelligence. The tool is broad and requires technical knowledge in order to be used in both simple and complex issues.”

Today, it is possible to create predictive models for any situation, but all predictions are accompanied by error, since there is the probability of it actually happening or not. And in the business world, the greater the uncertainty is, the greater the chances of ineffectiveness are.

“Models that have a low probability of success do not work in the business model and, to analyze them and determine their effectiveness, there are a number of metrics that require technical evaluation and greater attention from companies.”

Castello continues to mention Machine Learning and its predictions. “Although the subject is growing, it is still not often discussed by scientists and experts. It is an essential topic to pay attention to, because it involves algorithms in the sense of favoring sides and the risks that this can bring to the company.”

Data Secrecy

The professor also points to another issue of which companies should be aware and it involves the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD), which comes as a determining factor in decision-making in the business world.

“Nowadays, fair and transparent models are needed, especially with the LGPD, which even allows for explanations about decisions made in a given context.

The mention of the LGPD as a precautionary measure to be taken and reviewed by professionals is just another example that, more and more, the world has adapted to the process of digitisation so that ethical and legal issues are not left aside. “It is the justice [system] involving algorithms, a topic that should have the attention of companies”, ends Castello.

In the MBA USP/Esalq in Data Science and Analytics you find several themes, like artificial intelligence and its risks, which are trending in the digital world and in the business context, as well as debating and knowing professionals from all over the country. Take this opportunity and enroll!


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