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Monday, April 15, 2024

Why invest in marketing in Agribusiness?

The agricultural sector moves a large portion of the global economy, feeds and employs billions of people. Therefore, investing in marketing in agribusiness is essential to consolidate the production and value the producers.

The wide competition that exists within the sector, including in scenarios of uncertainty, is just one of the reasons to use this science. It is necessary to differentiate from others to progress, especially when the demands of the market are becoming increasingly rigid and participative in environmental protection, for example.


Marketing is already an essential area for many segments. In agribusiness, it is more common and structured in large companies. However, it can also be useful to leverage small and medium sized businesses. See some reasons:

  • Improves the sales index: because to be seen is to be remembered.
  • A satisfied customer always comes back: marketing is also knowing how to communicate with your customers during the service, bringing more interaction and satisfaction.
  • Good positioning: investing in marketing in agribusiness means repositioning your brand and putting it as a quality reference in any situation.

How to start

The first step to be able to invest in marketing in agribusiness is by doing an analysis of the company. The ideal is to study the subject to know what the challenges and needs of the organization are and work precisely in paying attention to them.

In this study, the customer is also included. Who purchases the product? How old are these people? What do they work in? It is necessary to know who the “persona” of the brand is to direct marketing especially to that audience and achieve greater effectiveness in sales.

A marketing specialist can help, but having a knowledge base is essential to not be misled. This is why the MBA in Agribusiness USP/Esalq includes in its curricular grid the discipline of marketing in agribusiness, in addition to the main trends for the agricultural sector.

Theory application

After understanding the needs of the company, it is necessary to study the solutions, that range from a campaign to actions to help the organization have visibility in the market – one of the main objectives of marketing. There are several fronts that can contribute to this sense, but not always all of them are necessary.

The trend now is to use digital platforms. Investing in marketing in agribusiness also means to adapt to these tools, especially because most people are on the internet and communicate through it.

Digital Marketing

The ideal is to adhere to digital marketing, because it allows you to measure the results of the investment, analyze the target audience and segment the ads to those who really have interest in seeing them. Check out some tools that can be used:

  • Social networks
  • Google Ads
  • Website
  • Blog
  • SEO Techniques
  • Videos
  • Marketing e- mail

Despite this, brands don’t always need all these strategies at the same time. These are possibilities that can be studied and adhered to according to the need of each product, service or target audience.

Crisis management

A company that values the potential of employees, invests in training and a good financial organization tends to succeed in this sector, because there is an opening to new ideas and concepts.

An upstanding knowledge of the dynamic marketing capabilities in agribusiness also helps to better understand the consumer, competitors and channels of the macro environment. These steps are important to develop sales actions in the reformulated, dynamic and uncertain market in which we live.

According to Roberto Fava, a professor of marketing and strategy of the MBA in Agribusiness USP/Esalq, in instability environments there are two ways for companies and producers to ensure their own and the sector’s development: to improve production and approach their customers. And, to do so, it is necessary to empower what is most valuable within the companies, their human capital.

“Companies are increasingly understanding that there is this challenge and there is no alternative but to develop their teams with modern tools of business management and Agri-marketing”. Thus, teams will have tools to understand the needs of customers and offer products they need.

Now it’s your turn to discover the possibilities of marketing in agribusiness. Be part of the MBA USP/Esalq!


Ana Rízia Caldeira
Ana Rízia Caldeira
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