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Monday, April 15, 2024

How to become an authority in agribusiness with agriculture 4.0

The concept of hypoconnectivity is the basis of agriculture 4.0 and depicts an integrated scenario of technologies, with interconnected tools and programs. The age of information and connection has also reached agribusiness to unite two extremes of the productive chain.

On one hand is the producer, who thinks of agriculture 4.0 as a way to improve business and accept the challenges that these novelties bring with them. On the other hand, are the innovation agents of the sector, which enable the management of technologies.

In this scenario, knowledge and information are even more accessible, but it is also more complex to identify the public and adapt the language for a strategic communication that ensures good opportunity to highlight its brand in agribusiness.


In recent years, agribusiness has increased its presence in the digital universe, with increasingly connected producers. Therefore, being on the internet and achieving some relevance or online authority are essential to the success of the brand.

And this is what agriculture 4.0 is based on. The strategy should be anchored in digital platforms, which offer interaction, quick communication, sharing of information and photos, and customer service in a more comfortable, practical and, sometimes, even instantaneous way.

With all this connectivity, the tip is to bet on the production of content that generate interaction and business opportunities. When a company delivers relevant content, a relationship network with users is created, in which it achieves the trust of potential customers and becomes a reference in the area.

The possibilities of agriculture 4.0 include, for example, good audiovisual productions to present an item, machine or even an entire harvest. And all this can be built with simple equipment that don’t lack quality, like more modern cellphones.


Even with all this modernization of the sector, it still has plenty of room for content about connectivity or content that better details new techniques and technologies. Much of the agribusiness is still in the field and still has a lot to “urbanize”.

Thus, this type of material is very relevant for those who still have difficulty in accessing or following all the news in the sector. This is the moment to present solutions, especially if they are part of the branding.

It is important to show all the possibilities, especially about connectivity, a popular subject in agriculture 4.0 and one that gives authority.


It is not by chance that many experts say we live in the age of information. It has never been so important and easy to collect, store and treat data, internal or externally.

So, tools that facilitate these activities of agriculture 4.0 are seen with good eyes, including when related to solutions that can be offered to the professional of agribusiness.

One suggestion is to participate in online courses and education, in order to improve the ability to interpret this information. All this provides more knowledge and trust in the producer, who can identify new possibilities from data analysis.

Agribusiness in the future

This tip is very important and complements the previous item.

The search for optimization in the use of natural resources and inputs will totally transform rural areas, with farms being massively monitored and automated in the future. However, for the data to benefit productions, it will be necessary to have a selection, storage (cloud computing) and analysis of information via artificial intelligence (AI).


Understanding that your brand is not the only source of information is also something important in agriculture 4.0. This is why promoting and participating in debates and chats, are good ideas to move the sector and put your company ahead in the discussed themes.

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Ana Rízia Caldeira
Ana Rízia Caldeira
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